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Regardless of where you are in Lehigh Valley, you’re never far from a scenic walk. And depending on what kind of walker you are—whether you’re a leisurely stroller or an active adventurer—you’ll find plenty of paths amidst the area’s public parks, state forests, and college campuses. Perhaps the toughest challenge is figuring out which walk you’d like to try. To help you decide, we contacted the owners and employees of several Lehigh Valley’s walking and running outfitters. Here are their top picks for five great walks in Lehigh Valley.

December is usually one of the busiest months for restaurants, between special event bookings, catered luncheons, packed bars, and general frolicking that typically goes on. But as the coronavirus pandemic continues to squash social gatherings, travel plans, and on-site dining in Lehigh Valley, no one needs to be told why this year is different.

Restaurants are bringing their A-game to help diners get into the holiday spirit at home. From Christmas to Hanukkah and all the cozy days in between, a range of familiar favorites and under-the-radar eateries offer takeout options for every palate and at-home party style.

Boutique & extended-stay hotels to open in the region

Big-​brand hotels are opening in ​Lehigh Valley—​Hilton—​and historic renovated buildings strengthen the ​region’s boutique cred. ​Together, the ​three new hotels are unlocking ​168 new rooms to meet ​the anticipated ​visitor demand, which ​was steadily increasing before the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. and has been on the rise for over the past ​10 years.​ Even since the pandemic, the region has seen some of the strongest hotel demand in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since March 2020.​

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