Historic Museums of Lehigh Valley

Lehigh Valley’s historic museums are collections of historic and modern, interactive and exclusive, and eccentric and unexpected.

There are grand places like the National Museum of Industrial History in Bethlehem that is housed in a former Bethlehem Steel facility on the largest private brownfield in America, featuring steelmaking prominently, but ranges in the secrets of the silkworm to the making of iron. Hold a 20-pound tray of bobbins that children once carried for nine hours a day at a silk factory. Turn a flywheel to test how much horsepower you can generate. Take a virtual ride in a hot air balloon. Artifacts on display include the first piece of steel rolled in Bethlehem, a 37 mm anti-tank field cannon from World War I, and a silk loom that made White House curtains.

And, there are those that are intimate, like the Moravian Historical Society in Nazareth, where visitors can discover the significance of music and education in Moravian culture, such as the earliest known violin made in the American colonies is on display.