Biking and Cycling in Lehigh Valley

All you need is two wheels, a helmet, and your spirit of adventure for some bicycling bliss on Lehigh Valley’s rail-trails, multi-use paths created from former railroad corridors. Whether you are looking for wide, flat easy riding on railroad beds turned bike path or technical single trail Lehigh Valley has what you are seeking. Prepare to feel like Indiana Jones as you grind that gravel beneath your bicycle’s wheels! There are plenty of amazing off-road trails to explore across Lehigh and Northampton county with an incredible amount of history to absorb along the way. Grab your bike and travel the roads less taken for a more scenic and peaceful ride.

Take to the paved passes and crushed stone of Ironton Rail Trail, Nor-Bath Trail, and the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, stretching 165-miles from Wilkes-Barre to Bristol and offering historical, cultural, and natural experiences along the way. Or test your skills at the Skills Park within Hugh Moore Park.

Lehigh Valley's extensive trail network is masterfully designed for mountain bikers of every skill level and built by professional trailbuilders and local volunteers. Bring your full arsenal of bikes to cycle the backcountry adventures and gravity trails, ranging from expert-only to family-friendly, you’ll encounter the best the sport has to offer. Jacobsburg State Park in Belfast features beginner through intermediate multi-use mountain biking trails, while Lehigh Parkway is a multi-use, multi-surface path in the center of Allentown. The eight-to-twelve-foot wide macadam beds in Palmer Township easily accommodate cycling, rollerblading, and jogging enthusiasts alike. South Mountain Wildlands Preserve offers technical mountain bike trails managed by the Wildlands Conservancy in Emmaus. Intermediate and advanced riders take to the Walking Purchase Park in Salisbury, a multi-use trail system designed, constructed, and maintained by the Valley Mountain Bikers group.

But, don’t just keep to the trail, the 28-degree banked turns at Valley Preferred Cycling Center in T-Town – once Lehigh Valley Velodrome – offers high-caliber action on a cycling track made of concrete. 

With numerous local outfitters and bike shops ready to send you on your way to the best spots for riding, Lehigh Valley lets you weave your way through one of the many trails for an ultimate experience on wheels for road and mountain bikers alike. Or you can take advantage of guided trips, tours, and other experiences, like the 4-Day Inn to Inn Bike Ride where you can rest comfortably along the way. And the best part? Nothing tastes better than cold beer when you are sweaty, overheated, and tired– we have plenty breweries for that, too!

Hiking & Trails

From hiking and birding to horseback riding and mountain biking, Lehigh Valley is a thrill-seeker’s choice…