Lehigh Valley Distilleries

Savor local spirits.

The essence of Lehigh Valley is distilled at several local booze businesses. From the original distillation of liquors like applejack to modern-day takes on bourbon and whiskeys, distilleries throughout Lehigh Valley are churning out impressive products. Sample the varieties straight or opt for a cocktail prepared with local spirits.

Standouts include the spiced rum made with vanilla, cinnamon, orange peel, anise, and cardamom at Social Still in Bethlehem; Hidden Copper Bourbon at County Seat Spirits in Allentown, a nod to Allentown’s role in hiding the Liberty Bell during the Revolutionary War; Authentic Applejack at Eight Oaks Farm Distillery in New Tripoli made with apple cider from Scholl Orchards in Kempton; and a barrel-aged rum at Triple Sun Spirits in Emmaus, a blend of molasses, oak, vanilla, and Caribe fruits. 

One of Christmas City Spirits' most unique offerings is cherry bounce, a cherry-infused, spiced liquor that was popular in colonial America and said to be a favorite of George Washington, while over at Kilimanjaro Distillery, the local favorite pays homage to Made in PA as the Penna Dutch Liqueur & Pear cocktail bringing together Xplorer Spirits Penna Dutch Liqueur, pear syrup, lemon juice, and sparkling water. Gallows Hill Spirits offers up the Gallows' Posset Vanilla Chai, a vanilla chai based cream liqueur that once added to coffee, creates a quick and wonderful cocktail.

Lehigh Valley is home to a number of great local distilleries creating unique spirits with local flavor. Do you prefer rum? How about gin? Maybe you’re a vodka person? Perhaps you don’t care either way? You can find whatever you are in the mood for at one of Lehigh Valley’s unique distilleries. Here are a few that are worth visiting, tasting, and maybe bringing a bottle (or two) home from.