People are passionate about pizza in Lehigh Valley, Pa. and thankfully there are no shortages of options. Looking for classic Neapolitan or New York style pizza? Or is Chicago deep dish more your thing? How about Detroit-style pizza with its cheesy crusty edges and upturned pepperoni cups? There’s something to please everyone—from the pizza purist looking for perfectly chewy, crispy crusts, to the anything-but-tradition pizza lovers topping pizzas with hot honey. You might even find places that please both sets of people, like Switchback Pizza in Emmaus.

Lehigh Valley has a wide selection of pies to choose from—in traditional pizzeria settings of course, but also in public markets like Easton Public Market or Downtown Allentown Market, bars & pubs like Tavern on Liberty, sit-down Italian-American restaurants like Colonial Pizza in Easton, or at breweries around the region, like Birthright Brewing in Nazareth.