Northern Lehigh Valley

The Slate Belt Region, Bangor, and Nazareth

To the northern end of Lehigh Valley is the Slate Belt, home to some of the region’s most impressive industrial heritage. The area is dotted with small towns that are big on experiences including Nazareth, Bangor, and more.

Things to Do

Hidden Gems in Northern Lehigh Valley

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At the Northern tip of the Lehigh Valley, the Slate Belt region is full of lively, small towns to explore. Named for its industrial and slate quarrying history, there are more fun activities, delicious food, and unique experiences to be found. These hidden gems in Slate Belt, PA can be enjoyed…

Slate Belt Heritage Center
30 N. First St., Bangor 
Located within the former 1907 Bangor Town Hall in the heart of the Slate Belt, this museum showcases the slate industry that produced the country’s blackboards and roofing shingles and the impact it had on the community, as well as how the slate quarries and textile factories changed rural life. 

Columcille Megalith Park
2155 Fox Gap Rd., Bangor
Located just outside Bangor, this unique park promises quiet spaces that are perfect for peaceful walks or meditation. The park draws inspiration from the Isle of Iona off the coast of Scotland, honoring Celtic spirituality. Stroll the grounds to take in fascinating rock structures emitting Stonehenge-like vibes.

Local Winemakers

Take in picturesque views of rolling hills & mountainsides as you sip a glass of wine at these local makers. Whether you opt for a red or a white, sweet or dry—you’re sure to find something to fit your palate. 

C.F. Martin Guitar Factory
510 Sycamore St., Nazareth
Explore how world-famous acoustic instruments come to life at this true factory tour. A guide will lead you through the process, beginning with the various types of wood utilized for these custom instruments all the way through the finished product, ready to ship to eager musicians. Be sure to tour the Martin Guitar Museum, where you can admire classic models played by unforgettable artists. 

Moravian Historical Society
214 E. Center St., Nazareth 
Dive into the unique history of Moravian culture at this hub in Nazareth. The archives play host to artifacts including the earliest known violin made in the American colonies and the 1776 Tannenberg organ. On the grounds of the Historical Society, you can also view the 1740/1743 Whitefield House and the 1740 Gray Cottage, the two oldest Moravian structures in North America.


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