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Join our community of Lehigh Valley Ambassadors!

A Lehigh Valley Ambassador (LVA) is someone who loves and cares about Lehigh Valley and how it’s represented. LVAs are lifelong learners who make an effort to learn about our region, events, activities, and attractions in and around Lehigh Valley. An LVA visits sites throughout Lehigh Valley and attends events that celebrate the people, places, and things that make our region so unique and worth visiting.

By joining our community, LVAs become experts in showcasing our beautiful region to visitors and locals alike. This creates a ripple effect that bolsters the region's tourism efforts and fosters a sense of community pride. Through the Lehigh Valley Ambassador Program, you will get plugged into Discover Lehigh Valley’s network and receive insider information on events, attractions, giveaways, new developments, and more. Want to take your Ambassador knowledge to the next level? You can complete our full Lehigh Valley Ambassador course at any time.

Why Become A Lehigh Valley Ambassador?

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Why is the visitor’s experience so important?

In our region, tourism is an integral part of the economic engine:

  • Accounts for more than 16.5 million visitors each year
  • Equates to nearly $2 billion in economic impact
  • Creates over 25,000 jobs in Lehigh Valley, with earning approaching $881 million each year.

What’s in it for you?

Becoming a Lehigh Valley Ambassador is a way to help you become a resource to your family, friends and community. Network with community members and leaders annually for our ambassador meet up.

How much does it cost?

This program is entirely free!

Take the Next Step: Enroll in our Lehigh Valley Ambassador Course 

We love giving you more education.

After you join our community of Ambassadors in just minutes, take your Lehigh Valley pride to the next level by enrolling in our full course. The Lehigh Valley Ambassador Course takes around 30 minutes to complete and allows you to expand your knowledge on the cities and towns that make up Lehigh Valley, insight on places to stay, annual events, activities, and attractions, as well as the value that tourism brings to a region. The course can be taken anytime by logging in or creating an account. It’s super easy, free, and quick to enroll. 

Ambassador Spotlights

The Discover Lehigh Valley Ambassador program is at the heart of our mission, strengthening the economy through tourism while promoting regional pride. Each unique ambassador story is a testament to the energy, diversity, and boundless enthusiasm that make Lehigh Valley not just a place to visit, but a place to belong. Learn more about our influential ambassadors, as they inspire experiences, give back to their community, and encourage the world to discover the magic of Lehigh Valley!


Sandra S. Bieber of Discover Lehigh Valley®

Sandra S. Bieber Manager, Operations & Community Development

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