Benefits For Partners Of Discover Lehigh Valley®

In the world of destination marketing, more collaboration means more visitation. That’s why Discover Lehigh Valley® has been teaming up with regional partners for years. This outlines what we can do together to promote your business and Lehigh Valley to travelers. We want to share your stories through our communications, advertising, websites, and social media.

Once you are a partner, use this page as your partnership checklist, and get in touch with the people listed for each tactic to find out how they can promote your attraction, event, exhibition, restaurant, or hotel. These opportunities are included in your partnership with Discover Lehigh Valley for no additional charge. Please join us as we continue to work to build Lehigh Valley’s image.

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Marketing, Communications & Advertising

Media Buy & Creative

Discover Lehigh Valley is constantly tweaking and enhancing our media plans and creative to be sure we are spending dollars efficiently and for the right audience. Ask us what we are doing so you may be able to better leverage your spend. 

Branding & Research

We take brand very seriously. While we know we don’t control our brand, we do know we are the ones to help guide the perception and image of Lehigh Valley. Our complete brand guidelines and logo packet is available for download at Discover Lehigh Valley continues to analyze data to ensure our media spend is performing to our expectations and meet our goals. 

Media Relations

Our media relations team interacts daily with the press on the phone, via email and social media, and in person. We promote all aspects of the Lehigh Valley experience and in doing so, generate hundreds of earned media stories each year in news, travel, lifestyle, and niche outlets (Meetings, Group Tour, Sports) in the U.S. and internationally. Our team regularly distributes themed press releases and photos. Keep us updated on your news so we can include it in our pitches and press materials as appropriate.

In addition, Discover Lehigh Valley hosts travel and lifestyle-focused journalists—individually and in groups—to give them first-hand experiences based on key story themes. We can showcase your attraction or event to a visiting journalist when appropriate based on the trip’s theme. 

Photography, Video, and B-Roll

We are always adding to our vast library of images and video footage—much of which is available to media, non-profits, and for-profit hospitality partners for editorial use. Let us know if you’d like us to consider adding your high-quality photos or b-roll to our library, or if you’d like us to consider hosting a shoot at your location or event. 

Contact Alisa Lopano

Social Media

We connect with both visitors & locals through content on our various social media channels. Find Discover Lehigh Valley on FacebookTwitterInstagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We always welcome content suggestions, opportunities for giveaways, live coverage, etc. to help populate our channels with fresh and up-to-date content. 

Contact Holly Harrar

Calendar of Events

Discover Lehigh Valley provides a comprehensive online events calendar. You can submit an event via the Extranet or at We frequently feature partner events on social media and on’s homepage, so be sure yours is listed. 

Contact Mary Coryell

Sales & Services


We work very close with the business travel community in making sure we know what’s new about the region’s properties that have meeting and event space. This allows us to continue to target meeting and event planners to come to Lehigh Valley. 


The sports market in Lehigh Valley continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of economic impact for the region. Discover Lehigh Valley® Sports works hard to actively promote Lehigh Valley to event organizers as the perfect place to hold a sporting event or tournament. 

Group Travel

We continue to work diligently with those partners who are group tour-friendly, and the harder we work, the luckier we seem to be in attracting tours to Lehigh Valley. 

Contact Maizee Freeman

Partner Account Information & Billing

Partner Listing(s)

Remember to keep your account information up-to-date by logging into the Extranet with the username and password provided to you. Updates should include business / property contacts and changes, offerings, amenities, photography, current logo, etc. 

Discounts & Special Offers

Discover Lehigh Valley coordinates seasonal and event-related hotel packages and promotions to increase hotel occupancy while providing visitors with a fun, memorable and experiential visit. We also promote hotel-specific packages, restaurants specials, attraction deals, etc. 

Invoicing & Payments

If you need another copy of your invoice or have questions about payments, we can help you! 

Contact Mary Coryell