Looking for free things to do with kids in Lehigh Valley? Get 'em outside!

In terms of family activities, few things beat a good playground. They’re free. They’re outdoors. And they’re a place for the kids to run amok that isn’t your house. Lehigh Valley has a slew of amazing playgrounds and so to narrow down our list we considered not only the general awesomeness of the setup, but its proximity to other fun things—for kids and parents alike.

The playground at Wehr Dam Park or Covered Bridge Park in Orefield, Pa.

1. Covered Bridge Park Playground

2465 Wehr Mill Road, Orefield

This epic, sprawling playground offers a two-for-one deal. The young ones (ages 2 to 5) can clamber over a garden-themed, floor-is-lava-style (“Quick! Jump to the frog!”) balance course adjacent to a playset with a faux rock wall and spiral slide. Then, for the big kids, there’s a three-story, multi-slide playset that also has bridges, tunnels, and a zip line. Parents, there are plenty of benches, for when you inevitably need a break.

Nearby fun Covered Bridge Park also features an 18-hole disc golf course, as well as baseball, football, and soccer fields. Fuel up at Grill Life Barbecue, a nearby food truck.

2. Scott Park/Riverside Park

Larry Holmes Drive, Easton

These dueling playgrounds sit when the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers meet. Your kids probably won’t care about that factoid because they’ll be too busy careening down twisty slides, summiting rock walls, and mad-dashing to the open teeter-totter seat. There are trails down to the water, which is always asking for a rock to be chucked into it, and if you’re lucky you might all see a real live choo-choo train.

Nearby fun: The Easton Farmers’ Market is basically right there (check their site for hours), as is Crayola Experience™. Another more-hidden spot is Colonial Pizza, home of the original “upside down” pizza, a short drive away.


Riverside Park dog walk in Easton

3. SouthSide Greenway Playground

Follow the Greenway east off Webster Street, between Mechanics & Fourth Streets, Bethlehem

It’s not the largest on our list, but this Spiderman-hued playground feels like something that superhero would love: ladders to scale, slides to zip down, and even a web to climb. There are also oversized chimes to ring and a xylophone to bang out your own soundtrack. City planners plopped the park right on the South Bethlehem Greenway, too, so your kids can bike or scooter to and fro on the paved trail.

Nearby fun: Walk the two blocks for poutine at The Flying V or make the short drive to the SteelStacks™ for more height-defying fun.

The playground along the Southside Greenway in Bethlehem, PA

4. Cedar Beach Playground

2600 Parkway Boulevard, Allentown

You’ve going to need a few hours for this one. Slow-sloping ramps wind past sensory activities and split off into tubes and tunnels. Slatted steps ascend to gulp-inducing slides that plummet to the (rubber) surface below. Rope ladders connect to swinging pedestals, which link to bridges, and there’s just so much to do here.

Nearby fun: Cedar Beach Park is also home to several basketball courts, a sand volleyball pit, a pool, and Allentown's Malcolm Gross Rose Garden. If you’re hungry, there’s a Yocco’s for hot dogs and pierogies within striking distance.  

The playground at Cedar Beach Park in Allentown, Pa

5. Lone Lane Park Playground

30 Lone Lane, Macungie

This shaded metropolis of monkey bars and bumpy slides also features large boulders that kids can climb (and inevitably jump off of). The parking is ample, and it’s encircled by a massive park for hiking, biking, or rolling out a picnic blanket.

Nearby fun: You’re close to two iconic Lehigh Valley diners—the Starlite off Route 100 and Chris’ off Tilghman—and you can’t go wrong at either.

The playground at Lone Lane Park in Allentown, PA

6. Laurys Firehouse Park Playground

5328 Egypt Road, Laurys Station

If your kids (or you!) love making weeee ooooo weeee ooooo sounds, this emergency-first-responder-themed playground is a must-do. A sprawling “fire house”—complete with fire pole—adjoins a “fire truck” climber and rescue area. There’s a MedEvac-themed area for smaller wannabe EMTs too.

Nearby fun: The D&L trail is right over 145, and perfect for all kinds of biking, scootering, and hoverboarding.

The playground at Laurys Firehouse Park in Laurys Station, PA

7. Grange Park Playground

360 Grange Road, Allentown

This brightly colored tangle of climb-ables and slide-ables is complex, but contained—a factor that parents of multiple kids can appreciate. Sit on one of their many benches and it’s easy to keep an eye on all kids at all times.

Nearby fun: If you want to double-up on playgrounds (and ensure nap time is a success) Lone Lane Park is a mere 4-minute drive away.

8. Camp Olympic Park Playground

3120 S Cedar Crest Boulevard, Emmaus

It’s a little more old-school than the others (digging pit with diggers, farm-style open slides), but that can be a good thing. There’s plenty to climb—and a lengthy zip-line too. Plus, there’s a skatepark just a kick-push away from the parking lot.

Nearby fun: Take to the trails at the Dorothy Rider Pool Wildlife Sanctuary, head to True Blue for lunch gyros, or hit the Emmaus Farmers’ Market between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. every Sunday.

9. Morris J. Dimmick Park Playground

570 Durham Street

A three-level castle-like centerpiece, complete with rope ladders and twisting slides, spreads out to include a spider web, monkey bars, and ramps. There’s a formidable play fortress for younger kids—and even an app-based set of game parents can play with their kids.

Nearby fun: Go spelunking at Lost River Caverns, dive into a California Cheesesteak at the Crossroads Hotel, or just pretend you’re a family band in Dimmick Park’s cool bandshell.

The playground at Morris J. Dimmick Park in Hellertown, PA

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