Looking for Lehigh Valley's best sunset or sunrise? Look no further than these scenic destinations.

Held up as the quintessence of beauty and simple pleasures, the changing of the day’s light is both fleeting delight and clockwork routine. Check in for these magnificent moments at one of these lofty vantages.

Trexler Observation Deck

The Trexler Environmental Center, not far from the Lehigh Valley Zoo and snuggled in the Trexler Nature Preserve, is crowned by an observation deck with a 360-degree view of the horizon. Not only is it a great spot to look out, but the building itself is also a spectacle of green design, with a vegetative roof, solar panels and harvested rainwater supplying the bathroom.


Bake Oven Knob

Giving a breathtaking panoramic view any time of day, this rocky hike up the Blue Mountain ridge of the Appalachians is stupendous at sunset. For thinner crowds, sunrise is also astonishing. Bake Oven Knob is the highest point in Lehigh County but doesn’t take a long trek to reach the top.


Lehigh Lookout

Tucked away near Lehigh University’s campus on South Mountain, Lehigh Lookout is a destination for sights from city lights and sunsets to fireworks. The spot also lends itself well to cute photo ops and first kisses. Watch the rich orange glow of the receding sun spread over the city of Bethlehem and beyond from a bench-like low stone wall.


Hawk Mountain

Mist gathers around surrounding peaks, catching the brassy glow of a rising sun and making it well worthwhile to roust yourself out of bed early and make the trek to the heights of Hawk Mountain. Usually, a magnet for bird lovers, especially during the fall’s raptor migration, the mountain’s trails lead to a multitude of overlooks, including one that’s accessible for all abilities.


Vineyards & Distilleries 

Drinking outdoors at golden hour imparts a special sense of serenity, and nowhere is this leisure accommodated better than at Valley vineyards like Vynecrest or Folino Estate’s Tuscan-style villa. Orange light melts over the lacy rows of grapevines at Tolino Vineyards in Bangor. Bring a blanket or lawn chair to Eight Oaks Farm Distillery and watch the sky change in open farmland.


Lafayette College

The steep ascent up College Hill rewards sunset-seekers with the vast sky over Lafayette College. Perched high above the city, a variety of architectural styles are bathed in a beautiful purple and peachy hues when a good sunset hits. Cobblestones and quaint street lamps make this one cute campus.


Zest Bar + Grille

The three-season terrace seating at this restaurant is perched high above SouthSide Bethlehem for fabulous views of the setting sky and illuminated steel stacks during dinner. Just part of the zest is the addition of a menu of bold flavors and creative cocktails. Even seated inside, the windows allow for a breathtaking view.


Indian Tower

Rising from the highest point in Nazareth’s original acres, this monument is a good spot for rest and reflection, whether by the light of the sunrise or the sunset. A quaint spiral staircase takes you to the second story. The site was also the area’s first Moravian graveyard in the 1700s, and it’s thought to be haunted, so if you like your sunsets a little spooky, look no further.


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