One of the world’s oldest domesticated plants, the pleasingly plump pumpkin’s bold color telegraphs cozy fall weather and a Happy Halloween! Here are 10 local ways to enjoy this scrumptiously versatile squash, from spa treatments to beers to pasta, there's a pumpkin-infused treat for every craving.

1. Cake & Corolla’s Pumpkin Oatmeal Cream Pies

With a twist on the sweet and chewy sandwich cookie, this Easton bakery impresses as always. Many other quality takes on pumpkin-flavored bakery bliss await, from cheesecake to the classic roll. For a fall treat that’s fully worth the calories, look no further.

2. Giacomo’s Pasta at Nonna Sulina’s

Lovers of from-scratch Italian cooking are big fans of the authentic Sicilian cuisine served at Nonna Sulina’s Kitchen & Grill in Bethlehem. One of the most raved-about dishes includes a special ingredient: maple pumpkin butter combines with roasted garlic and dolce gorgonzola cream for a divinely rich plate of pasta.

3. Weyerbacher’s Imperial Pumpkin Ale

The warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and clove blend beautifully with the malt in beer, making pumpkin brews an unmissable cold weather beverage. Weyerbacher’s 8 percent Imperial Pumpkin is award-winning and renowned for its strong flavor, conjuring notes of caramel and toasted piecrust. It could be just the drink for your next bonfire!

4. The Dining Dog’s Pumpkin Pie

Naturally, our furry friends are fiending for a bite of our pumpkin pie, but all that sugar is no bueno. Get your pooch a pie of her own at Allentown’s The Dining Dog and Friends, where a healthy and delicious whole-food menu awaits. This little personal cream-topped pie is a safe and super cute alternative to bring your dog in on the holiday feast.

5. Three Men & A Bagel’s Pumpkin-Raisin

The bagel is a breakfast standard that can be hard to perfect, but Three Men & A Bagel meet big city standards, turning out a chewy, fresh foundation for a variety of spreads or satisfying sandwiches. The seasonal pumpkin-raisin is warm with fall flavor. Pair it with walnut raisin cream cheese for extra oomph.

6. Gallows Hill Spirit’s Pumpkin Caucasian Cocktail

Gallows Hill Allentown distillery dedicated to the Salem Witch Trials is a must-visit during the spooky season, blending dark history with finely crafted spirits. The Pumpkin Caucasian delights with a unique vodka made from cane sugar and molasses, adding a touch of toffee to coffee liqueur, Gallow’s Posset Pumpkin Chai and pumpkin pie spices.

7. 1001 Thai’s Pumpkin Curry

Easton’s 1001 Thai offers a great vibe and a full menu of tried-and-true Thai favorites, eager to accommodate a vegan diet. One vegetable that goes great with spicy-sweet curry is, of course, pumpkin, prepared with red peppers and Thai basil in a coconut red curry sauce, or among potatoes and pineapple in the Massaman curry.

8. The Cup’s Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream

This seasonal offering (along with Caramel Apple for the autumn months) has all the smooth and creamy luxuriance of The Bethlehem Dairy Store’s ice cream, flavored with real pumpkin and spices. If that’s not rich enough for you, their Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream combines two decadent desserts in one!

9. Qi Spa’s Pumpkin Spice Pamper Package

This Catasauqua day spa is a peaceful retreat from the stresses of life where you can have your eyebrows threaded, beat back winter blues in a vitamin D light bed, and, during the months of October and November, soak up the nutrients of pumpkin in a body scrub, facial and pedicure over the course of this luscious three-hour package.

10. The Joint's Pumpkin Spice Latte

It’s impossible to round up beloved pumpkin products without including the much-maligned but indomitable PSL. Get it hot at The Joint in Bethlehem (or at their Lehigh Valley Mall location) for the finest incarnation of the drink, made with real pumpkin and flavorful spice.

And if you are still craving something pumpkin, check out the photo gallery below for some pumpkin inspiration.