With lent kicking off this past Friday, the time has come to strike up the conversation that people seem to get so passionate about. Who has the best pizza in Lehigh Valley? Well folks I’m here to tell you.

What makes me an expert you may ask? Being a native of the Scranton area (Blakely exactly) I have had the privilege of some of the greatest pizza in the world.  For anyone who disagrees, even the nationally known Parade Magazine did a feature on the best pizza being found in Old Forge, Pa last year.

If you still disagree the next time in the Scranton, PA area take a trip down Main St in Old Forge and grab yourself a tray (yes,  “Scrantonites” call it a tray).  Let me know what you think.

So who has the best slice conversation begins again. I’ve tried many a slice over my 17 years in Lehigh Valley, and finally I have found the BEST! So with all due respect to local pizza artisans my top ten is as follows:

10.       Mazzola’s II Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria - Breinigsville

9.         Tavern on Liberty - Allentown

8.         Pizza Joe’s - Nazareth

7.         Steve’s Pizzeria - Easton

6.         Westgate Pizza - Bethlehem

5.         Colonial Pizza - Easton

4.         Sotto Santi - Bethlehem

3.         Mario's Pizza Café - Allentown

2.         Gio Italian Grill - Macungie

Drum roll please . . . without further ado the best pizza hands down in Lehigh Valley is Fratzola's Pizzeria Cafe in Bethlehem Township. The owner, Frank Fratzola, brought his love of Old Forge style pizza to Bethlehem about a year ago, after bringing a few recipes with him. While Fratzola's Pizzeria has great regular style (circular) pizza and a wonderful variety of Italian dishes, it is their Old Style pizza that takes the crown. There is simply no better pizza in Lehigh Valley right now. The sauce has just the right kick. The cheese has the perfect consistency. And, it comes in a tray, the way pizza was intended.

My colleague George's father heads up to Fratzola from his Bethlehem home nearly once a week to stock up on trays and head home. There's just something about it that must be tried.

So, to the owners of Fratzola’s, thanks for bringing a tray of pizza back to Lehigh Valley!

Embrace Friday’s Lehigh Valley. Lent is here and your right to eat pizza. Enjoy!