Here's a typical 11:30am conversation in our office:

Co-worker:  "Did you bring lunch?"

Me:  "Yes"

Co-worker:  "I did too."

Then there is a ten second hesitation...followed by:

Co-worker:  "Do you want to go out?"

Me:  "Sure!!! Where?"

After all ... the gourmet Lean Cuisine I have waiting for me in the freezer doesn't expire until January 2011.

Well, we now have a new place to go ... Made in Brazil. The owners of Rios Brazilian Steak House in Nazareth have opened their latest Lehigh Valley Restaurant for lunch and dinner in the Holiday Inn Allentown Center City, which is conveniently located across the street from our office.

I've experienced their "Rodizio" all-you-can-eat barbecue (a.k.a. "meat-fest") in Nazareth so I can't wait to patronize them here in Allentown. They just opened yesterday so I'm giving them a week or so to get used to their new space before I go for lunch.

I can tell they will be successful in their latest venture because our informal "First Monday Happy Hour" gathering of downtown Allentown workers, held at the hotel this month, was packed. Everyone couldn't wait to try the complimentary sampling of Made in Brazil's fare.

So, now we have even more lunch and dinner choices on Hamilton Street. That Lean Cuisine in the freezer may actually expire!

Hey Kim ... did you bring lunch?