Lehigh Valley Celebrates National Travel And Tourism Week

Toolkit for Local Partners and Stakeholders

May 1 – 7, 2022

Join Discover Lehigh Valley and the U.S. Travel Association to honor the #FutureOfTravel during National Travel & Tourism Week, May 1 – 7, 2022. More than ever, the travel and tourism community must come together, support each other, and remind our country that even through the most difficult times, the #FutureOfTravel is now. Join us as we honor our local industry’s strength, selflessness, and resiliency.

2022 NTTW: The Future of Travel from U.S. Travel on Vimeo.

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Lehigh Valley Tourism Statistics

  • In 2020, the Lehigh Valley region welcomed 12.5 million visitors, about 4 million less than the 2018 numbers which was pre-pandemic. Predictions for 2021 numbers will have improved over 2020.
  • From these visitors in 2020: 
    • There was a 20% increase of visitors from the commonwealth in 2020 from 2018.
    • 81% of visitors traveled by car.
    • 41% of travelers planned their trip within 1 month or less of the actual visit.
    • Experiencing the outdoors ranked #2 for overnight visitors and day-trippers.
    • Average per party spend was $281.
    • 69% of visitors were very satisfied with their overall trip experience.
    • 10% increase in guests finding value for their money.
  • Smith Travel Research (STR) reports from April 2021 started having steady increases:
    • $118.34 Average Daily Rate (ADR) in October 2021; the highest recorded for the region.
    • 80.9% Hotel Occupancy in August 2021; the highest since the pandemic impacted our industry
  • The tourism & hospitality industry supports 26,500 jobs in Lehigh Valley.
  • Our communities benefit from the spirit of travel, which permeates through small businesses, unique landmarks, and all those who welcome residents and visitors alike with a smile and hospitality. 

Key Statistics from the U.S. Travel Association

  • In 2019, the United States saw $1.1 trillion in traveler spending. These travels generated a total of $2.6 trillion in economic output and supported a total of 15.8 million American jobs.
  • Travel spending remained at only 78% of 2019 totals in 2021—a LOSS OF $600 BILLION in potential economic impact in 2021 alone—much of which is due to the lagging recovery of the international inbound, business meetings and events sectors. 
  • The leisure & hospitality industry accounted for 11% of pre-pandemic U.S. employment but represented a staggering 73% OF ALL JOBS STILL LOST in February 2022.
  • Without the tax revenue generated by travel and tourism, each household would pay $1,398 more in taxes per year.


A number of graphics showcasing Lehigh Valley specific statistics have been created by the DLV team. Feel free to download the various sizes by clicking on the respective links below each sample image. Once the image opens, save or download to use across your social channels as we honor the #FutureOfTravel during #nttw22.

The #FutureOfTravel is Facilitating Recovery

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The #FutureOfTravel is Now

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The #FutureOfTravel is Rebuilding America's Workforce

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Sample Social Media Posts

Use the sample text below to populate content across your social media channels. When you see (@BUSINESSNAME), be sure to add in your own business/organization name and/or social media handle. Feel free to use the above graphics to enhance your posts or use an image from your organization that depicts the #FutureOfTravel.

Be sure to use #FutureOfTravel #NTTW22 and #LVMadePossible in your posts.
  • Happy National Travel and Tourism Week! This week, join  (@BUSINESSNAME) & @LehighValleyPA in celebrating the #FutureOfTravel and the exciting innovation we’re seeing across all sectors of our industry. #NTTW22
  • This week, join thousands of travel and tourism professionals in celebrating what makes our industry so special and how together, we are building the #FutureOfTravel. #NTTW22

  • Together with @LehighValleyPA, we play an essential role in rebuilding our industry and the U.S. economy. We are proud to be part of the #FutureOfTravel and #NTTW22!

  • The #FutureOfTravel will help revive @LehighValleyPA and drive the entire nation forward to a more prosperous future. #NTTW22

  • The #FutureOfTravel is restoring business travel and reopening international inbound to support American jobs, grow our economy and facilitate our recovery across all communities, including in Lehigh Valley. #NTTW22

  • We celebrate the #FutureOfTravel during #NTTW22. It's places like (@BUSINESSNAME) that make Lehigh Valley truly feel like home to every one of our residents.

  • Together with @LehighValleyPA, we'll be ready to welcome you back when the time is right. #NTTW22 #FutureOfTravel #LVMadePossible

  • When times are uncertain, the only certainty is that the #FutureOfTravel will not be broken. Join (@BUSINESSNAME) in spotlighting the role of tourism in the @LehighValleyPA community and across the country for #NTTW22. #LVMadePossible

  • Again this year, we honor National Travel and Tourism Week. It's the #PowerOfTravel that unites us together and inspires millions each and every day. #NTTW22 #LVMadePossible

  • In @LehighValleyPA, (@BUSINESSNAME) is proud to celebrate all those in our community—and nationwide—who carry the #FutureOfTravel forward during this year’s #NTTW22. 

U.S. Travel Association Toolkit

Looking for even more resources? You can access the U.S. Travel Association's full toolkit for National Travel & Tourism Week, including more graphics, logos, and templates, here.