Vault 634


Vault Unlocks May 2018.

You're invited to imagine a new destination that combines all the amenities one would expect of a modern venue with the historical opulence of the early 20th Century. With breathtaking stained-glass ceilings, grandiose crystal chandeliers, the unique Vault Bar, basement speakeasy lounge, and an array of distinct architectural gems, Vault 634 promises all the splendor of the Age of Excess. Built into the grand halls of the former Lehigh Valley Trust Building, Vault 634 introduces a new level of quality at the heart of Lehigh Valley.

Encapsulating the spirit of celebration and warmth of tradition, the events industry is an integral component of the joy that fills our lives. Vault 634 offers clientele the utmost care and devout dedication in conceiving the most extraordinary events amidst a truly remarkable locale. Vault's fine mingling of contemporary and traditional design concepts is apparent in everything executed and exhibits their ability to cater to a broad range of premium events.

Vault 634 takes pride in crafting celebrations that stand the test of time, forging captivating affairs for generations to come, while consistently striving to demonstrate that Vault 634 is undoubtedly the premier event destination in Lehigh Valley. 

With a poignantly positioned place in the events market, competitively priced portfolio of service offerings, and expert target marketing campaign, Vault 634 has the ability to adapt seamlessly to any shifts in the industry.

The Venue

The venue boasts an expert mix of modern and historical amenities that are inherently marketable to an affluent demographic, inclusive to all ages and genders. See the transformation of new space here.


  • ADA Compliant:
  • Full Bar:
  • On-site Food:
  • Group Friendly (10+):
  • Wifi:
  • Free Wifi:
  • Live Entertainment:
  • Distance to Airport: 5.4


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