Juniperdale Farms and The Produce Crib


Juniperdale Farms and The Produce Crib in Nazareth, PA has been family owned for four generations and now farms over 1,000 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay. In 1988, the family opened a roadside stand called "The Produce Crib", which started with a few odds and ends out of the garden. They now farm aproximately 25 acres of produce; including berries, sweet corn, pumpkins, tree fruits, and vegetables.  

Best Ways to Enjoy Juniperdale Farms and The Produce Crib:

  • Throughout October, enjoy free hayrides to the pumpkin patch every weekend. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful farm scenary; then pick your perfect pumpkin right from the vine! 
  • Walk around and see the different farm equipment, talk to the farmers, visit the animals, or hang out in the play-yard and slide into a pool of shelled corn!
  • Enjoy Juniperdale Farms as part of Northampton County's Open Gate Farm Tour. This is a weekend put on by the Penn State Extension, for the public to visit, tour, buy products, and see demonstration at various local farms. 
  • Pick your own strawberries, cherries, black raspberries, and apples! 


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