LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa., August 15, 2023 - Discover Lehigh Valley® and Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp. (LVEDC) unveiled a series of new logos they will use to jointly promote the Lehigh Valley.

The rebranding, announced at a news conference Wednesday, provides a unified look for the two nonprofit organizations marketing the Lehigh Valley as an attractive place to live, work, and visit. A marketing and merchandise campaign is being planned, and it is the hope that other companies and organizations will use the logo.

"The Lehigh Valley has arrived as one of the most desirable places in the U.S. to live, Visit, and to locate a business," said Don Cunningham, President & CEO of LVEDC.

"It's important that we have a unified brand, logo, and identity to promote the Lehigh Valley. We hope this collaboration between the region's two major marketing organizations can lead to others using and adopting this logo and promoting the Lehigh Valley."

"We are thrilled to reveal the new brand look of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, created in partnership with Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation. This project marks a significant milestone in our region's growth. Through the power of collaboration and cooperation, we have created a unified identity for Lehigh Valley, presenting a cohesive brand message that establishes us as both a must-visit destination and a place of opportunity," said Discover Lehigh Valley® President & CEO Alex Michaels. "This approach will enhance our visibility on local, national, and international scales, fostering a stronger and more vibrant Lehigh Valley with one shared vision and voice."

The primary new logo utilizes a highly legible font and colors. Styling on the lengths of select letters illustrates the highs and lows of 'Lehigh Valley,' as well as its growing urban landscape, said Discover Lehigh Valley's® Director of Creative Services Alisa Lopano, who designed the logos.

When the logo appears in a stacked arrangement, 'Lehigh Valley' unites, reflecting the partnership between Discover Lehigh Valley® and LVEDC, as well as the partnership between Lehigh and Northampton counties.

A special button logo promotes the region's products: "Made in Lehigh Valley." Variations of the logos with the Discover Lehigh Valley® and LVEDC names will be used by the organizations for their branding.

Both LVEDC and Discover LV will adopt the new logo, which will give the region's two largest marketing organizations the same logo for the first time. Adopting a common logo, theme, and campaign to promote the region is critical for the Lehigh Valley, which doesn't command the resources of larger cities.

There are so many companies, universities and products made here that are known across the nation and the world that we hope to make people aware that it's all made possible in the Lehigh Valley, Cunningham said.

The rebranding effort reflects the regionalism that has helped build the Lehigh Valley into a tourist destination where visitors spent $1.3 billion last year, and a vibrant community touting a thriving and balanced $47 billion economy.

Several members of the tourism and business communities attended the news conference to show their support: LVEDC Board Chair Ed Dougherty (Lehigh Valley Health Network Senior Vice President and Chief Business Development Officer), Discover Lehigh Valley® Board Chair Jodie Stetz (Vice President of Human Resources at Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group), Discover Lehigh Valley® Board Member and past LVEDC Board Member Kassie Hilgert (ArtsQuest President and CEO), LVEDC

Board Vice Chair Stephen Hoff (Crayola Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer), Discover Lehigh Valley® Board Member Lucinda Wright (Manager of Special Events, City of Allentown), LVEDC Board Member Sal Panto Jr. (Mayor of Easton), and Discover Lehigh Valley® Board Member Frank V. Facchiano (Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, Chief Operating Officer & EVP of Member Relations).



Paul Muschick, LVEDC, Director of Communications, 484-948-0426

Bree Nidds, Discover Lehigh Valley®, Chief Operating Officer, 484-896-8156


Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp. markets the economic assets of the Lehigh Valley and creates partnerships to support the recruitment, growth, and retention of employers and the creation of jobs for people of all skill and education levels. Our vision is of a diverse Lehigh Valley economy that provides economic growth and opportunity for people of all skills and education and strengthens all our cities, boroughs, and townships.

About Discover Lehigh Valley®

Discover Lehigh Valley® builds the region's economy and image through destination marketing that increases the number of leisure and business visitors, the number of nights they stay, and the number of things they do in the two-county area of Lehigh and Northampton Counties. These marketing efforts also enhance the quality of life and sense of hometown pride for Lehigh Valley, PA residents.