Lehigh Valley Libations

In Lehigh Valley, we dine farm-to-table in celebrity style, but did you know we're also home to America's first applejack? That’s right, Frederick Leiser, who not only brought the Liberty Bell from Philadelphia to Allentown in 1777, but he was also a Lehigh County farmer and original distiller of applejack.

To celebrate our connection, there’s now a place for visitors to explore the region’s craft breweries, distilleries and wineries before planning their trip. Lehigh Valley’s libations are hand-crafted and infused with locally grown ingredients to create flavor profiles you won't find anywhere else in the country.

Escape to the countryside of Lehigh Valley to see how your favorite spirits transform from grain to glass. The family-operated Eight Oaks Farm Distillery welcomes its visitors with open arms.

Eight Oaks Craft Distillers in Lehigh Valley is a farm distillery that grows all their own grains either on-site or on farms of friends and neighbors. Grains and fruits are handcrafted into Vodka, Gin, Rum and Applejack

The Spirits

  • Eight Oaks American Vodka is first sown in the fall as soft red winter wheat, grown and harvested on the farm and the farms of friends and neighbors. It’s then hand milled on site and combined with some of the purest water on Earth by tapping into ancient aquifers and distilled in the copper pot still using a 25-foot vodka column. Finally, it’s charcoal filtered as craft vodka for a crisp, clean spirit with a silk, smooth finish. 80 PROOF 40% ALC BY VOL 750 ML
  • This is not your grandmother’s gin. Eight Oaks American Gin is crafted from soft red winter wheat, grown on the farm and the farms of friends and neighbors. The final distillation includes a blend of unique botanicals that creates a fresh, clean flavor with a citrus finish. A small batch gin is unlike any you have tasted before and is a perfect in a complex cocktail or all on its own. 88 PROOF 44% ALC BY VOL 750 ML
  • Eight Oaks Colonial Rum is a tribute to one of the most popular spirits in 17th century colonial times. Crafted from locally sourced molasses, the Rum revives the colonial spirit, which helped make America what it is today. Eight Oaks handcrafts their Rum in honor of ancestors while carefully blending the sweet and the spicy to deliver a timeless, yet unbelievably smooth rum. 80 PROOF 40% ALC BY VOL 750 ML
  • Farmers in the Lehigh Valley were making Applejack before our country was born. One of the best-known apples used in Applejack was the Baldwin Apple, which was discovered by a farmer in the 1740s named William Butters, the eighth great-grandfather of Eight Oaks co-founder Chad Butters. It’s why you can’t get more authentic than Eight Oaks Applejack. 80 PROOF 40% ALC BY VOL 750 ML

Distillery & Tasting Room

The Eight Oaks Tasting Room is the place to enjoy artisan spirits and handcrafted cocktails in a relaxed, farmhouse atmosphere where you can learn the distilling story and share yours. Schedule a tour for a full access, behind the barrels, guided tour of the distillery where you can learn even more about the craft distillation process. Eight Oaks Farm Distillery is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Click here for special events happening throughout the year.


Here in the fertile Lehigh Valley, grains are grown and other ingredients are sourced from the farms of the owners’ friends and neighbors to give you a true seed to glass experience. The name also has some roots to it. Let's start with "Oaks." The oak tree gives the barrels that people have been using for centuries to age their spirits. Of course, the oak is also a symbol of strength, nature and longevity.

The number 8 has always been significant in Chad Butters’ family, one of the owners. His grandfather lived in a time when people wrote letters. He often worked away from home, and his dad told him the story of when his father wrote these letters, he would sign off with a number 8. He told him that the 8 was representative of the 8 letters in I Love You. When his dad wrote him letters as a kid, he continued the tradition and Chad has carried that tradition on with his family. Now it’s not so much in letters as it is in the form of texts and emails, and yes, even Facebook posts and tweets. It has come to mean more than just I love you. It means I’m proud of you, I’m thinking about you and just generally a symbol of love and support. But more importantly, it is a direct tie back to his grandfather and his father, who have both since passed on but are always with the family in spirit.

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