Marketing on a Shoestring: How to win more business without spending more
presented by Charlene “Ignites” Decesare

Originally created for the "Live Free & Start" series, this practical and insightful session focused on seven specific strategies that you can put into practice right away, with minimal resources.

This session is perfect for groups of solopreneurs, startups, nonprofits, or any small businesses trying to gain marketing mindshare on a limited budget. Operating with a "lean" team, many of these business builders are also limited with time. Therefore, every effort has to count.

What you will learn:

  • the #1 rule in marketing that even big companies get wrong
  • how to get clear about the "bullseye" target and why it's critical to do so ASAP
  • how to make keywords do some of the work for you; everywhere from your website to blog to social media
  • how to leverage the "stuff in your head" for powerful, free marketing
  • best practices at various types of events and what to do before, during, and after you attend
  • a unique formula for social media success that allows you to stand out without hiring a social media expert

As a good marketing counterpart to basic sales training, this session helps small or growing organizations learn how to thrive at the intersection of sales and marketing.

State of the Groups, Meetings, and Events World
presented by Anne Powelson

Join us for a current “State of the Union” of the groups, meetings, and events world. What’s holding group back? What’s changing? How do you grow and own your business to thrive in the digital group market?

This session will take a deep dive into the factors that are driving group demand. We’ll take a hard look at group performance in the United States, discuss what is shifting, and tackle how to thrive in the future.

From reduced business travel, to the shift to alternative channels, we’ll uncover eight themes that put pressure on group performance. In addition, we will explore the factors that are contributing to change in the industry, including commission policies, planner demographics, the shift to digital meetings, and more. Considering these uncovered insights, we’ll discuss strategies on how to evolve with the changing landscape and optimize future group performance.

Working with the Media and Interviewing Like a Pro
presented by Patricia Stofanak

Earned media placements can be PR gold for your business and brand. The exposure, positive publicity and credibility can give your news, events – and even your bottom line — a much-welcomed boost. But what you say and how you interact with a reporter can have a significant impact on how your story ends up being told. Sometimes, your nerves can get the best of you. You can be intimidated or frustrated by the experience (or a reporter). You can end up putting your foot in your mouth. And sometimes, you can be a total rock star and nail a media opportunity.

Learn how to tamp down those nerves and deliver a standout interview with the advice you’ll receive in this media training session. From understanding the elements of news and how to think like a journalist to tips for staying on message and preparing for an interview, you’ll leave this program ready and more comfortable to work with the media than ever before. We’ll also cover what to do in times of crisis — and the answer is never, “no comment.”

Igniting Sales Success Without Dialing for Dollars
presented by Charlene "Ignites" DeCesare

Nearly all industries follow a sales methodology that says you need to make 100 calls to get 10 meetings to get one deal. For many organizations and service providers, this is a formula that doesn't work on a number of levels.

In this session, attendees will learn what to do instead. You will get better at the "work" of sales, without the internal struggle that is holding them back from being more proactive today. You'll learn:

  • How to bring in more revenue with limited resources of people, budget, and time.
  • A single, powerful mindset shift that is proven to increase conversions and shorten the sales cycle
  • How to be more authentic, and gain relief from the fear of being "icky salesy"
  • How to engage in consistent, necessary follow up without "bugging" or "bothering" anyone
  • What to say, and not say, in sales emails and voicemails to increase likelihood of a response
  • How to follow a specific sales process that gives you momentum and data, without your prospects or customers ever feeling "processed."


While this topic is focused on actively building revenue (i.e. "sales"), it is designed to ensure that the marketing strategy and sales effort is working in lock step. When every minute and dollar counts, this is critical to scalable and sustainable success. 

Panel Discussion: Key Strategies for Successful Event Promotion

panelists: Jon Lunger, ArtsQuest; Kelly Huth, Easton Main Street Initiative; Katie Nort, PPL Center
Kaitie Burger, Discover Lehigh Valley

The calendar on is consistently ranked within the most-viewed pages across the site. With visitors and locals always on the hunt for things to do, how can you be sure your events are top of mind? Join in the conversation as our partners share their tips for successfully showcasing events to gain awareness, coverage in real time, and post-event wrap ups. 

Think Tank: Creative Solutions and Actionable Next Steps To Your Biggest Challenge
presented by Bryan J. Lavin, MBA, CHE

We all face challenges in our day to day business, whether that’s engaging with customers, attracting new clients, creating a solid value proposition, or solving a complex issue.  Here’s the good news - Through the process of crowdsourcing we can find implementable solutions to bound over these hurdles and level up your performance!
During this interactive session, you’ll experience:

  • How to clearly define your biggest hurdle in your current business 
  • How the power of crowdsourcing solutions impacts your challenges
  • How to pull together flash ideation into implementable action items

This group based white-boarding session is designed to help you pull together all of your conference learnings into solutions that you can put to use tomorrow at the office.

Extranet Training

Interested in learning about how you can manage on your business's page on Working through the Extranet allows direct access to your listing, events, and more. During this session you will learn how to:

  • Manage your page on
  • Update contact information for your business
  • View, respond, and check status of RFPs (if applicable)
  • View, edit, or add deals & discounts
  • Add and edit events for the calendar
  • Request collateral materials

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