Lehigh Valley Sports Planning Services

Discover Lehigh Valley Sports can assist events from planning “in the huddle” to setting up at the starting line and on through to the finish. Most destinations will have 10 ways to help, but at Discover Lehigh Valley, we strive to over-deliver.

Top 11 Services Offered by Discover Lehigh Valley Sports

  1. Assist with Bid & RFP research and presentation.
  2. Establish or join Local Organizing Committee (LOC).
  3. Encourage and foster relationships and partnerships with local sports franchises, organizations, and individuals.
  4. Assist with finding athletic trainers and first aid services.
  5. Help facilitate and accommodate event sponsorships.
  6. Initiate the development of new events.
  7. Build, retain and strengthen relationships with local and regional media.
  8. Assist with creation and distribution of media releases and press releases.
  9. Market and promote new and existing events.
  10. Help with volunteer recruitment.
  11. Procure hotel room blocks, inventories, rates, and other overnight incentives.

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