Lehigh Valley Wineries

The successful growing climate for grapes earned Lehigh Valley the label “American Viticultural Area” a few years ago, catapulting the region’s wines and vineyards into the (wine) light. An AVA is a federally designated wine grape-growing region in the United States, providing an official appellation for the wine produced in a region. Think: Napa Valley or Willamette Valley, those are AVAs and Lehigh Valley is one of them! Established in 2008, the area covers over 230 planted acres and includes over 30 wineries.

In Lehigh Valley, you'll taste our signature varietals such as Chambourcin, Riesling, ChardonnayVidal Blanc, and Cayuga White, grapes which grow exceedingly well in the region's climate and its terroir. Taste along the wineries of the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail, where you can enjoy and purchase these varietals, incredibly drinkable red-blends, and even some unique rule-breakers like cotton candy-infused white wine and sweet and bubbly peach mist. 

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