Global Meetings Industry Day Toolkit

Global Meetings Industry Day • March 30, 2023

Discover Lehigh Valley joins organizations across the globe to support the annual Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) March 30, 2023. GMID, led by the industry advocacy coalition Meetings Mean Business (MMB) and the U.S. Travel Association, showcases the proven value that business meetings, conferences, conventions, incentive travel, trade shows and exhibitions bring to businesses and the economy. According to the Global Business Travel Association, more than half of business travelers miss traveling and hope to more often in the future. 

Lehigh Valley is championing that “Meetings Matter” on Global Meetings Industry Day, an international day of advocacy held on March 30 to showcase the essential nature and incredible value created by business meetings, trade shows, conferences and conventions. This year’s theme, “Meetings Matter,” highlights the numerous benefits of in-person meetings—such as economic growth, deeper business connections and the sharing of knowledge and ideas that positively impact society. In 2022, meetings and events generated nearly $100 billion in travel spending in the U.S. directly supporting 600,000 American jobs. Group business travel spending is forecast to increase 25% in 2023, generating more than $110 billion in travel spending.

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Sample Social Media Posts

Use the sample text below to populate your social media channels. Feel free to use the above graphics to enhance your posts or use an image from your organization that helps support the #GMID23.


🗓 SAVE THE DATE! Mark your calendars for #GMID2023 – MARCH 30. This year’s theme is #MeetingsMatter. Why? Because they provide undeniable value to people, businesses and communities. #LehighValleyPA #LVMadePossible

Why do #MeetingsMatter? Hosting a meeting stimulates a region’s economy—bringing in new visitors who stay in area hotels, eat in local restaurants, shop in neighborhood stores and more. 💼 Let’s get back to it! #GMID2023

👏 Let’s hear it for the #Meetings industry! #MeetingsMatter to our economy, to our businesses, to our employees, to our colleagues and to our communities. Let’s celebrate #GMID2023 by honoring those that make them happen. 🤝 #LehighValleyPA #LVMadePossible

Have you experienced the ✨magic✨ of meetings?
✏️ Meetings inspire, invigorate and advance company
purpose. How?
🚗 Meetings drive innovation.
✨ Meetings spark creativity.
🤝 Meetings deepen new and existing relationships.
That’s why #MeetingsMatter. #GMID2023 #LehighValleyPA

One lesson-learned over the past two years: Looking colleagues in the eye and closing a deal with a handshake can’t be replicated over any virtual platform. #MeetingsMatter today, tomorrow and well into the future. #GMID2023 👀🤝  #LVMadePossible #LehighValleyPA

The 🔑 to sustained business success? Strong relationships—and data shows #MeetingsMatter when building those connections. #GMID2023 #LVMadePossible #LehighValleyPA

#MeetingsMatter to our economy—driving spending in the communities they are hosted in. #DYK: Meetings accounted for 38% of all business travel spending in 2022. #GMID2023 #LehighValleyPA #LVMadePossible

Who benefits from in-person meetings and events? #MeetingsMatter to businesses both large and small— driving critical revenue and bolstering local economies. In 2022, there was nearly $100 billion in meetings and event-related travel spending. #GMID2023 #LVMadePossible #LehighValleyPA


Fast Facts: Meetings Mean Business
  • Domestic group business travel accounted for 38% of all domestic business travel spending in 2022.
  • Group business travel spending is forecast to increase 25% in 2023, generating more than $110 billion in travel spending.
  • Well executed events are expected to attract strong attendance in 2023 in part to make up for some of the diminished travel to visit clients no longer in offices.
  • As a result of decreased restrictions, rescheduled events and pent-up demand for face-to-face interactions, demand for meetings and events is expected to continue to accelerate.
  • Domestic business travel volume is predicted to reach 80% of 2019 levels in 2022—this equates to 93 million lost business trips.
  • While making steady progress, as of the end of 2022, group business travel spending, remained just 67% recovered in 2022—this equates to nearly $40 billion in spending losses.
  • While visitations are projected to recover in 2024, business travel spending—once adjusted for inflation—is not projected to recover until 2027. 
  • Attending conferences, conventions and tradeshows is viewed as critical to developing relationships for more than two-thirds of executives and over half of business travelers.
  • More than half of meeting planners agree that the pandemic elevated the value of bringing people together.
  • Virtual meetings are unable to offer the same level of experience or effectively build relationships, acquire and retain customers.
  • Meetings, events and conference’s role in connecting people and creating face-to-face opportunities has become more critical.


About Meetings Mean Business 

Meetings Mean Business is an industry-wide coalition to showcase the undeniable value that business meetings, trade shows, incentive travel, exhibitions, conferences and conventions bring to people, businesses and communities. By rallying industry advocates, working with stakeholders, conducting original research, engaging with outside voices and more, the coalition brings the industry together to emphasize its importance. Comprised of over 60 members, the coalition unites the meetings industry with one strong and powerful voice. For more information, visit