Global Meetings Industry Day Toolkit

Global Meetings Industry Day • April 11, 2024

Discover Lehigh Valley joins organizations across the globe to support the annual Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) April 11, 2024. GMID, led by the industry advocacy coalition Meetings Mean Business (MMB) and the U.S. Travel Association, showcases the proven value that business meetings, conferences, conventions, incentive travel, trade shows and exhibitions bring to businesses and the economy. According to the Global Business Travel Association, more than half of business travelers miss traveling and hope to more often in the future. 

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Feel free to download the images below, by clicking on the image. You can use these across your social channels as we honor the #GMID24. Incorporate a Fast Fact into the language of your post or copy and paste from the suggested posts drafted below. Partners and advocates can participate in the digital conversations by following @MeetingsMeanBiz on Twitter, using #GMID24.

Global Meetings Industry Day 2024

Global Meetings Industry Day 2024

Global Meetings Industry Day 2024

Global Meetings Industry Day 2024

Global Meetings Industry Day 2024

Sample Social Media Posts

Use the sample text below to populate your social media channels. Feel free to use the above graphics to enhance your posts or use an image from your organization that helps support the #GMID24.

Today is Global Meetings Industry Day—a day to showcase why #MeetingsMatter to communities, businesses & economies across the country. The best communication doesn’t happen through a screen—it happens when you meet face-to-face. #GMID2024 #LehighValleyPA

[Organization] is celebrating #GMID2024! 🎉 There's no substitute for looking colleagues in the eye & closing a deal with a handshake. 🤝 #MeetingsMatter—and they are the gold standard for fostering deeper connections, sparking creativity & driving innovation. #LehighValleyPA

Today on Global Meetings Industry Day, [Organization] is highlighting why #MeetingsMatter to businesses both large & small—fostering a competitive edge & boosting revenue gains. For every dollar invested in business travel, U.S. companies experience a $5.90 return.  🤝💼 #GMID2024 #LehighValleyPA

Facts & Data

Meetings Matter. They provide undeniable value to people, businesses and communities—significantly contributing to the U.S. economy. Let’s ensure elected leaders and media understand that meetings, events and tradeshows are essential to our economy—generating billions in travel spending and directly supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs each year, in addition to the proven benefits to businesses’ bottom line. The following messages convey that nothing can replace meeting face-to-face and underscore the unwavering value of our industry with leaders in business, government and the media. 

  • There's power in convening. Meetings provide undeniable value to people, businesses and communities. 

  • In 2023, there was $119 billion in meeting and event related travel spending in the U.S.—directly supporting nearly 600,000 American jobs 

  • Meetings drive education, knowledge and communal understanding on critical subjects—advancing fields that are crucial to our societal well-being. 

  • The benefits of meetings range from the tangible to intangible—benefiting local economies and businesses while simultaneously fueling individual growth, long-lasting connections and mutual respect. 


  • Strong relationships are the key to sustained business success—and meeting face-to-face is the best way to strengthen them. 

  • Meetings create a shared sense of mission and purpose, foster empathy across organizational lines and create camaraderie that positions organizations for success.

  • Meetings and events help connect people to one another—enabling employees to grow and enjoy experiences while reconnecting with peers. 


  • Meetings support small and local businesses in the communities in which they are hosted, often providing long-lasting benefits not visible to attendees. 

  • Meetings and events help drive travel and tourism into communities and are an indispensable source of visitor spending in many destinations. 

  • Hosting an event, convention or trade show stimulates a region’s economy by attracting new visitors who stay in local hotels, dine in nearby restaurants, shop in neighborhood stores and bring new revenue to the destination. 


  • Face-to-face meetings offer wide-ranging benefits to both the economy and businesses, including helping organizations build a competitive edge and increase bottom-line revenue gains. 

  • Conventions and conferences serve as critical education platforms for professionals and are key for developing advanced skills and training. 

  • Meetings build “bench strength” within organizations by cultivating leadership talent. 


  • Face-to-face meetings are the best way to capture a person’s full attention. While virtual meetings may be convenient, they are proven to be much less effective in developing lasting relationships. Data from Zoom shows that 42% of call participants don't even have their cameras on.

  • According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Millennials and Generation Z are expected to account for about 60% of the workforce by 2025, and these groups are seeking experiences and opportunities where they can network. 

  • Research indicates that events are the most trusted channel in the marketing mix and serve as goldmines of first-party data.

About Meetings Mean Business 

Meetings Mean Business is an industry-wide coalition to showcase the undeniable value that business meetings, trade shows, incentive travel, exhibitions, conferences and conventions bring to people, businesses and communities. By rallying industry advocates, working with stakeholders, conducting original research, engaging with outside voices and more, the coalition brings the industry together to emphasize its importance. Comprised of over 70 members, the coalition unites the meetings industry with one strong and powerful voice. For more information, visit