The Seed Farm


The Seed Farm Stand offers fresh, local products sustainably grown by new farm and food entrepreneurs. Located on the picturesque 42-acre farm in Emmaus, Pa., The Seed Farm Stand provides the ability for foodies and families to see exactly where their food is grown, who grows it, and how.

Every purchase at The Seed Farm Stand helps to grow new farmers. Starting a new farm requires an incredible amount of money and know-how; and it is full of unexpected challenges. By providing new farmers with training, land, and other essential resources, The Seed Farm reduces the costs and risks associated with farm start-up. By purchasing through The Seed Farm Stand, you make it possible for a new generation of farmers to operate successful farm businesses, steward the land, and produce fresh, healthy food. Your support helps new and beginning farmers launch and grow their farm businesses.

The Seed Farm Stand is open every Wednesday and Friday from 3 to 7 p.m. For weekly produce availability lists, stories of new farmers and more, join their Facebook group.

Live Like a Local

  • Visit the Farm Stand for the produce, but stay for the farm. Take in the gorgeous scenery of The Seed Farm – 42 acres of farmland, neighboring trees, and even two small public fishing ponds.
  • Trade working on the farm for fresh veggies! The Seed Farm Stand offers a workshare program for those looking to get their hands dirty and/or help run the farm stand.
  • With varieties like indigo cherry drop tomatoes, Thai and lemon basils, The Seed Farm Stand offers fresh, healthy products that you won’t find at the grocery store.


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