Peters Brothers Meat Market


Peters Brothers Meat Market is located just west of Lehigh Valley in the beautiful countryside rich in farming tradition and the Pennsylvania Dutch reputation for doing things with pride in craftsmanship and perfection. We are one of the few remaining country butchers in Pennsylvania offering full service and a complete line of meat products. Peters Brothers has been producing fine-quality meat products for over 50 years. We buy the finest livestock, carefully chosen and expertly slaughtered in a modern plant under Federal Inspection. You’ll find the special Pennsylvania Dutch curing and spicing recipes that give our meat products the special tangy, delicious flavor. At Peters Brothers you will find the most complete line of meat products including beef, pork, lamb, veal, “home cured” ham, bacon, special sausages, bolognas, and unusual Pennsylvania Dutch treats such as liver pudding, scrapple, and tripe. Peters Brothers also carries a variety of Poultry products and tasty cheeses. Why not plan now to visit us and give yourself a real Pennsylvania Dutch treat at our retail store?


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