Pennsylvania Dutch Gift Haus

  • Address: 93 Roadside Dr., Shartlesville, PA 19554
  • Phone: (610) 488-6529


The Pennsylvania Dutch Gift Haus has been located in Shartlesville, Pa. for over 50 years along with Roadside America. Both Roadside America and the Pennsylvania Dutch Gift Haus were rebuilt by Laurence Gieringer at this location in 1953 and are still run by his family.

For country style gift ideas, browse the collection of 8″, 16”, and 24” Hex Signs and Pa Dutch books. They make nice holiday gifts for friends and family!

About Pennsylvania Dutch Gift Haus Barn Art History

“Hex” designs are circular geometric patterns with a lineage that goes back 6,000 years to the Neolithic Man. These designs reappeared in 2000-1000 BC civilizations, and again in Roman, Etruscan, and other recent cultures.

The Pennsylvania “Dutch” started using these basic symbols to decorate their beloved barns shortly after the 1830s, when farmers began to paint barns. The Pennsylvania Dutch began as German-speaking settlers that came to America, bringing a culture that evolved into the German American heritage of today. For many, this heritage is symbolized by the Hex sign. These signs are believed to bring good luck in a variety of forms. Browse a collection of barn art that can be found locally throughout Lehigh Valley and Berks County. Many of these signs were custom made and may not be available.


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