NorthStar Team Development


Transforming corporate leaders and teams, experientially.

Work with NorthStar Team Development to meet your organizational needs. They see their partners as keepers of solutions for their own businesses and careers. They are committed to bringing out the best in people and teams through coaching, mentoring, facilitation, and experiential education.


  • Leadership, team building, and experiential education. Their challenge course activities provide an experiential approach that encourages questions, interaction, and communication while fostering leadership and encouraging teamwork. It is made up of high and low elements on their 100-acre campus. Work with professional facilitators to develop a custom curriculum.
  • Coaching, facilitation, and keynote speaking.
  • Woman leaders: The mission is to powerfully change the lives of women by being a catalyst for their personal transformation and leadership development at all stages of their career. 


  • Group Friendly (10+):


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