Northampton Area Historical Society


The Siegfried Railroad Station and Museum is the home of the Northampton Area Historical Society. The focus of the museum centers on the impact of new transportation systems in forming new villages, towns and cities wherever these systems intersect. The museum collection of artifacts shows how a ferry, a canal, railroads and roadways interacted to create three villages in Allen Township, that later became the Borough of Northampton thanks to the advent of Cement Making at the turn of the 20th Century. Each of these transportation systems can be viewed from the station. The Siegfried Station was built in 1876 by the Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad and later became a part of the Central Railroad of New Jersey, today it is owned by the Norfolk Southern Line, but is leased to the Borough of Northampton since 1976. Originally both a freight and passenger station were built but sadly the freight station no longer exists. The Museum is open for public visitation on the 3rd Sunday of each month from May through October. There is never an admission charge. Private tours are available by reservation please call 610-262-8198 to schedule a tour.


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