Mock Turtle Marionette Theater


Mock Turtle Marionette Theater of Lehigh Valley, Pa. is a puppet theater company dedicated to the creation of enduring childhood experiences through performances and workshops that uphold the integrity of the arts and the dignity of human beings.

Based on the puppets and scripts of Doug Roysdon, Mock Turtle Marionette Theater is the product of dozens of individual artists, craftspeople, and collaborators who have helped Roysdon create the rich variety of puppet plays and programs characteristic of the theater.

Over the years, they have exploited the incredible versatility of the puppetry arts, drawing on sources as diverse as Monteverdi and Mother Goose. Geographically, Mock Turtle has found itself on the streets of Harlem and on Lakota Indian Reservations. And in terms of partnerships, the company has engaged in themes ranging from reading acquisition to child abuse prevention to historical interpretation.

The theater’s current project, for example, uses puppetry to promote classical music in the elementary schools. Meanwhile, Mock Turtle is intent on further exploring the use of Dance as a collaborative medium. And, just as Mock Turtle expands into new directions, so too will the number of contributing artists grow.


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