Memorial Hall - Muhlenberg College


On Saturday, February 6, 1954, the dream of each Muhlenberg alumnus was realized when Memorial Hall, the new physical education building, was dedicated in a brief program. In the 50-plus years since, Memorial Hall has been the site of numerous basketball games, wrestling meets, volleyball matches and concerts. With a built-in seating capacity of 3,529, Memorial Hall fosters a big-game atmosphere hard to match in Division III. Although it is more than 50 years old, Memorial Hall remains a thoroughly modern facility. Recent improvements have included the addition of an overhead scoreboard and the 2004 repainting of the floor. A new lighting system was installed in 2010, and the walls and bleachers were painted in 2011, giving Memorial Hall a brighter look. Memorial Hall annually hosts the Scotty Wood Tournament in basketball and the Buttermaker Tournament in volleyball. It also was the site for the 2005 Centennial Conference Wrestling Championships.


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