Historical Bangor Business Association


The Historical Bangor Business Association's mission is to promote the great pride in the region's culture and history while exposing visitors to the city's historical landmarks, extraordinary shops and eateries, thriving arts, cultural events, and vibrant festivals. These festivals and events are very important to the Bangor area as well as the Slate Belt Region as they showcase the unique aspects of Bangor's culture and promote positive messages to visitors.

Explore the city's downtown region featuring shops, restaurants, and more. Metered street parking is available. 

The Historical Bangor Business Association contributes to local communities by providing opportunities for economic growth and fostering community spirit, taking Historical Bangor back to what it once was: the celebration of the spirit and community.

Area business owners can connect with the Historical Bangor Business Assocation to receive year-round local visibility, the chance to help build a stronger community, and more. 


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