Frederick Duckloe & Bros. Inc.


Classic furnishings from four generations of Pennsylvania woodworkers.

Duckloe carries a full line of Windsor chairs, with a vast selection of styles and designs that are sure to please even the most particular Windsor chair aficionados. Handcrafted since 1859, a remarkable level of skill and care is put into every chair that is created.

A Winsdsor chair from Duckloe can add a touch of class to any room, with a comfort level and compactness of design that make them both user and decorator friendly.

Custom built using time honored 18th century techniques, each of Windsor chair for sale is handcrafted, built with a level of craftsmanship that is reflected in being commissioned for display by the Smithsonian Museum; also, featured in many leading furniture publications.

Why Buy a Windsor Chair?

  • Respective legs, spindle holes and arm posts drilled completely through their seats and arms, with glue placed in the holes, legs and posts.
  • The spindles are secured in the holes, and these joinery techniques prevent looseness in the Windsor chair legs as the years go by.
  • The superior tight fit is ensured by splitting the Windsor chair parts with a chisel, and then a glue coated wooden wedge is driven down into the split. As a result, the parts are widened within the bored holes, resulting in an extremely tight fit and lasting durability.

With 84 different styles of Windsor chairs for sale, Duckloe offers both a variety of selection and an unsurpassed level of quality. Let the staff help you select the Windsor chairs that are perfect for you and your home or if you already know of your selections, you can simply order online at your convenience.


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