Foundational Health LLC


Foundational Health is a holistic wellness center offering infrared sauna with salt therapy, reiki practitioners, massage therapist, weight loss programs, lifestyle and nutrition coaching, group coaching and seminars. They are here to assist you in reaching your health goals and offer relaxing and healing therapies.

You will love the Infrared Sauna, which features heaters that use the infrared spectrums to promote relaxation. The radiant heat surrounds you and penetrates deeply into your joints, muscles, and tissues--increasing oxygen flow and circulation. Using the infrared sauna, you are able to eliminate toxins while energizing your body in a safe, comfortable way.

Foundational Health offers halo-therapy (salt therapy) as an add-on to your infrared sauna session. Salt is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and can help with excessive mucus, pathogen agents, digestive issues, depression, skin conditions, and immune system oversensitivity.

At Foundational Health you can also receive a reiki session which works to help clear your mind and soul from mental and emotional toxins as well as relax your body.

They have massage service to help you relax, de-stress, and release those tight muscles.

You can schedule appointments to receive personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching with Coleen who will show you how to embark on living a whole food plant based diet, how to reduce toxins, how to implement stress management techniques, and how to incorporate simple exercise into your life. Through this coaching, weight loss can be achieved.

You must make an appointment before visiting Foundational Health. Prices vary by service and range from $40 - $350.


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