Forks Township Historical Society


The Forks Township Historical Society was founded in April 2002 by a group of historically minded citizens with the purpose of assembling and collecting items of historical significance to the township. Over the past years, the society has compiled substantial amounts of documents, photographs, artifacts, and records of historical interest from the incorporation of Forks Township in 1754 to the present day.

The society was incorporated as a non-profit corporation and continues to collect items from property deeds written on sheepskin to farm implements, including an 1892 thresher made by the Messenger Manufacturing Company and a 100-year-old merchants wagon crafted by the late Cyrus Graver, a township blacksmith and wagon builder.

They also oversee the historic log cabin situated in the Forks Township park and the Spring House located along Bushkill Drive. The log cabin was the initial home of Michael and Gertrude Fraes (Frace) built in 1766. The Spring House was built during the American Revolution. A stone building built over a free flowing fresh water spring, it provided shelter and protection while offering ‘refrigeration’ for milk and farm produce.

The Log Cabin and the Spring House are open several times per year, and members of the society offer tours and information. The Forks Township Historical Society holds a meeting on the fourth Monday of each month (except December) at the Faith Lutheran Church, 2012 Sullivan Trail, Forks Township, including a speaker of interest. Everyone is welcome and there is never a charge.


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