Captured LV Escape Room


Captured LV Escape Room puts you and your friends in a locked room. You have 60 minutes to find your way out. Only by working together solving puzzles, cracking codes, and discovering keys and secrets will you escape in time. Collaborate, think outside the box, and believe in yourselves…time is running out! Captured LV has two rooms to choose from: The Alchemy Lab (Designed for 6-10 players) 60 Minute Experience Science teacher Miles Fish has been abducting victims and holding them in his secret lab for years. Police are in pursuit, but, nonetheless, you have just become his latest experiment. Fortunately, for you, Miles has stepped out to cover his tracks and you have a chance to escape. Don’t dally, find a way to unchain yourself and flee to freedom. He will return in 60 minutes. Pirate's Chamber (Designed for 2-5 players) 60 Minute Experience Captain Bruce Bowing and his crew of pirates have stolen a treasure from the Island of Magu. Your team’s mission is to recover the treasure. You have found Captain Bruce’s ship and have gone aboard, but you were captured and are now being held prisoner. You need to retrieve the treasure from Captain Bruce’s room and escape his chambers before they notice you went missing. Don’t lollygag; you have 45 minutes... tick-tock, tick-tock.


  • ADA Compliant:


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