Borough of Bangor


Born from our heritage of pulling slabs of grey slate out of the mountains and working with our hands, The Borough of Bangor was incorporated in 1875.  The discovery of slate threw this once small farming community into a period of rapid expansion as quarries were dug and a town built.  A mixture  of Pennsylvania German, Welsh, English and Italian families settled here in hopes of finding a better life.  They named their new town Bangor after the famous slate mining town, Bangor, in Wales, from which many of the settlers came.  Through hard work these ambitious people earned Bangor, PA, an international reputation for superior roofing slate, school blackboards and floor tiles. Due to the booming slate industry, Bangor was the center of commerce in the Slate Belt.  Most of the buildings in our downtown were built between 1890 and 1910, in a wonderful variety of architectural styles.  Bangor is actively pursuing a Historic Preservation Program to preserve and enhance our downtown for future generations. History buffs can explore our diverse history at the Slate Belt Heritage Center.   Visit the Bangor Public Library’s historic archive to research everything from old newspaper stories to genealogy.   Our talented artisans continue the tradition of creating with their hands.   Be sure to visit our unique shops where you can purchase slate crafts, home made candy, original jewelry, custom upholstery, original  fashions, antiques and collectibles.  At our eateries you can enjoy  hand-dipped ice cream, homemade baked goods and a wide variety of culinary cuisine . Situated 75 miles from New York City and 90 miles from Philadelphia, Bangor is the gateway to the Pocono Mountains and the natural beauty of the Delaware River.  Nestled in this beautiful scenic area, Bangor retains its quaint small town charm.


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