Women in the Woods: Survival Basics


This workshop, specifically designed to teach women the basics of survival, is taught by a female instructor, and geared toward helping women to feel confident, safe, strong, and comfortable in the woods. If you haven't spent much time in the woods, are inexperienced with building fires or shelter, or want to learn more about how to keep yourself and your family safe in any unexpected outdoor situation, then look no further.

This is a class designed especially for women with limited or no outdoor experience. During this full day, hands-on workshop you'll learn the basics of survival and bushcraft, including how to quickly and easily build and maintain a fire, how to start a fire multiple ways (and practice several different easy and reliable fire-starting techniques), how to find and purify water to stay hydrated, and how to build an emergency shelter that will keep you warm and dry. You'll also learn about staying safe in the woods, personal and field hygiene, how to deal with forest animals, basic gear selection, and more.

If you've been wanting to learn more about survival skills and how to be safe, confident, and comfortable in the woods, we hope you'll join Hawk Mountain for this fun and busy hands-on day of Women in the Woods!

This event is part of the Wild Women on the Mountain series.