Weekend Of Terror! - Two Nights of Savage 70s 35mm Drive-In Triple Features

  • Presented By: The Mahoning Drive-In Theater
  • Location: The Mahoning Drive-In Theater
  • Address: 635 Seneca Rd., Lehighton, PA 18235
  • Phone: (610) 683-7243
  • Time: 7:30 PM to 11:59 PM
  • Price: $10 General Admission, $10 Per Carload Overnight Pass


On September 28th & 29th, Exhumed Films and the Mahoning Drive-In Theater invite you to spend a weekend squirming in fear as WEEKEND OF TERROR returns to the giant drive-in screen! Two nights of raw fright begins with a triple-bill of cannibal chillers on Friday night, and continues with a trio of gritty killer thrillers on Saturday. Tasty shockers guaranteed to unsettle your stomach — all presented in 35mm. You don’t want to be anywhere else!

Tickets are available now:

Overnight passes are available at the box office before each show for an additional $10!

Friday, Sept. 28th:

DERANGED (1974)- Directors Alan Ormsby and Jeff Gillen bring the misadventures of infamous Wisconsin killer Ed Gein to the big screen, in all their gruesome detail. Featuring an outstanding performance by Roberts (CHRISTINE, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND) Blossom. Based on a true story that also inspired such films as PSYCHO and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.

TERROR HOUSE (1972)- Here’s a very rarely screened, gourmet gem from the seventies. A young college girl goes on a getaway vacation that turns into runaway nightmare as the other guests begin to vanish... at least the meals are terrific. Also known as THE FOLKS AT RED WOLF INN

THE SEVERED ARM (1973)- A crazed madman is running loose with a hatchet removing the arms from his victims in another rarely shown horror entree. Featuring an eerie electronic score from Phillan (MESSIAH OF EVIL) Bishop.

Saturday, Sept. 29th:

THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN (1974) - The documentary-style Charles B. Pierce killer classic that chronicles the exploits of a hooded serial murderer in Texas in the 40’s. Starring Ben (TERROR TRAIN) Johnson and Andrew (SIMON, KING OF THE WITCHES) Prine.

THE TOOLBOX MURDERS (1978)- A maniac in a ski-mask uses a variety of tools to dispatch unsuspecting tenants in an apartment building in the sleazy, suspenseful film Stephen King once called “one of the 10 scariest movies on video cassette”!

DRIVE-IN MASSACRE (1977)- Watch in terror as hapless moviegoers are skewered at sword point when a deranged psychopath stalks a drive-in! No one is safe. Perhaps not even YOU!