Veterans Day: Radio’s Major Role in Winning WWII


“World War 2, the most significant event of the 20th century, was the first world-wide conflict where the use of technology played an overwhelming factor in victory. Guest lecturer Ray Chase will present some of the technology and events that show how radio played a major role in the Allies winning the war effort.

Ray Chase is a trustee of the New Jersey Antique Radio Club and a long term dedicated The InfoAge Science History Learning Center and Museum member. After receiving military training on radar systems his career industrial work covered a wide range of military, aerospace, commercial, and medical electronic applications as a Quality Assurance Engineer. His interest in the history of radio and radar technology motivated him to acquire a modest collection of antique radios as well as WWII-era military electronic equipment. He has a sizable reference library on those subjects. As chairman of the Radio Technology Museum (RTM) at the InfoAge campus, he has fostered its growth from its inception.

This event is free with museum admission.