Treading Lightly Around Prehistoric Digs


Prior to the 1980’s construction of Interstate 78 Southern Corridor and Route 309 alignment project, Penn DOT contracted a local cultural resource firm to excavate for evidence of archaeological sites in the path of I-78, a 31 mile narrow band in southeast Pennsylvania from Fogelsville to Easton. A total of 6,669 prehistoric artifacts were recovered from Paleo-Indian times (12,000 B.C.) through end of the Late Woodland (1500 A.D.). These artifacts were turned over to the Pennsylvania State Historical and Museum Commission in Harrisburg.

One of the survey sites P-42, located in Upper Saucon, was first located in the 1970’s by local vocational archaeologist after heavy rains from Tropical Storm Agnes unearthed stone artifacts and pottery sherds from an ancient Lenape settlement dating 8,000 B.C. to 1,500 A.D. These ancient artifacts of hammerstones, celts, scrapers, axes, stone points, game balls, and pottery sherds are now on exhibit at the Museum of Indian Culture through December 2018. Discover the rich heritage of the Lenape and how they thrived in our region before the land filled with housing developments and shopping centers.