The Queen's Cartoonists


The Queen's Cartoonists present a concert for all ages bringing the nostalgia of cartoon music and contemporary animation to Miller Symphony Hall. The six members who all currently reside in Queens, New York are world-class professional musicians.

The band has been featured in numerous major publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Mashable, and on NPR. Pianist and leader Joel Pierson formed the jazz band which consists of Rossen Nedelchev (drums), Ian Hutchinson (bass), Drew Pitcher (saxophone), Mark Phillips (woodwinds), and Greg Hammontree (trumpet). "There's so much famous classical music that's been used in cartoons," Pierson notes. "You have the really, really difficult music that's been used in cartoons for almost a hundred years." However, the show includes more than just music. "I talk about the cartoons - when did it come out, what's it about," Pierson says. By providing commentary, the concert is tied together with information for the audience spiked with comedic anecdotes on the cartoons and original composers. The band successfully reintroduces all generations to forgotten-about childhood cartoons through their ingenious performance.