After an appearance with the ASO as a violin soloist on the March Classical concert series, Lindsay Deutsch returns in April with her quartet in this youthful program. Patrons will have a chance to see Lindsay again in a different fashion.

TAKE3 brings the rigor of classical music and instills a unique spin on jazz, pop, movie themes, and classical melodies. They bring electrifying energy to performances around the country. The hair-raising program includes Por Una Cabeza, Hallelujah, Libertango, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Hey Jude, Isn't She Lovely, Game of Thrones, and many other popular tunes. A highly awarded female quartet, TAKE3 includes Lindsay Deutsch (violin), Lauren Jelencovich (voice), Irene Kim (piano), and Lila Yang (cello). Their mission to introduce classical music in a new light is achieved through their impeccable performance and palpable energy.