SuperBowl Chili Saturday


Samples of Red and White Chili from Mr. Bill's Poultry in the Allentown Farmers Market paired with Vynecrest wines. Bowls of Chili available for purchase.

Mike Splangler playing the baby grand piano 1 - 4 p.m. in the Vyneskeller Wine bar. Wine by the glass or bottle, light tapas menu.

Open to the public, free admission.

Our Chili is from Mr. Bill’s Poultry in the Allentown Farmers Market. We suggest the following pairings:
The Red Turkey Chili is made with local grown, antibiotic free, skinless turkey meat blended with tomatoes, beans, and spices. We suggest pairing it with Vynecrest Red.

The White Chicken Chili is a blend of chicken breast meat and ground chicken with a puree of white beans and sauteed onions, garlic, celery and a unique spice blend We suggest pairing it with Traminette.
Bowls of both the red and white chili are available for purchase both to eat in and for takeout served with cornbread for $5.00 in the Vyneskeller.