Single Sisters Series: Homebody - Mindful Wellness Presented by Many Mothers Collective


Join a wellness program presented by the Many Mothers Collective as part of the Single Sisters Series! Homebody series is about feeling at home in your body and looking at your health as total wellness: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

Many Mothers Collective bring another addition to their Homebody series, a workshop model intent on promoting mindful wellness and feeling at home in your body. This workshop will feature a roster of women passionate about making local, healthy food accessible to all and promoting an approach to health as a total package: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Homebody at Single Sisters' House will provide a discussion space for how good ingredients and positive food rituals can enhance our daily experience and encourage a healthy relationship with our bodies. Enjoy a feast of delicious dishes and an introduction to some unique ingredients while bolstering your springtime self-care routine and enjoying the company of other women.

The team at Many Mothers Co. includes photographer Kelly Williams, writer and chef-for-one Corrin Magditch, local artist Lauren Beauchner, owner of Lit Coffee Roastery + Bakeshop Melanie Lino, candlemaker and herbalist Courtney Dech, and certified yoga instructor Lisa Manno.

Cost: $20 - Limited space available, register today!