Sensory Friendly Excursion


Join Colebrookdale Railroad for a 2-hour excursion on a Sensory Friendly Train along a beautiful and scenic line on Saturday, March 27 at 1 p.m. This sensory-friendly train event will be less crowded, less sensory-stimulating, and less overwhelming for those who may have sensitivities to such things as sight, smell, touch, and sound.

Colebrookdale Railroad invites you to come early and allow yourself to become familiar with the train yard, the ticket building, the boarding platform, the many different train cars and the uniformed staff and volunteers who will be serving you during your excursion on the Secret Valley Line.

Seating is limited, get your tickets now on the website or by contacting the office!

Know what to expect before you arrive. Please preview this video with your child or loved one with sensory sensitivities in advance of this special event:

  • The Quiet Car: Parlor Car is designated as The Quiet Car for those who wish to be away from sound and other activities while still enjoying the ride. The Quiet Car will also be a place for any onboard passenger to visit for a moment of calm if necessary. Neither music nor narration will be broadcast in this designated quiet area.
  • Sound: If you or your loved one have sound sensitivities, please bring headphones to block-out sounds that may be overwhelming, including the train's narration; broadcast in the Deluxe Coach, Dining, and Garden Cafe cars. The crossing procedure will be modified to eliminate the horn.
  • Touch: Complimentary coloring books and crayons will be provided to children. Please bring your sensory toy, fidget, or book to read. Boarding times will be staggered to alleviate a person's anxiety resulting from waiting in long lines. If you have a weighted blanket or weighted vest – you are invited to bring it with you.
  • Smell: Artificial air fresheners will be turned off or removed from areas used during the event. 
  • Sight: Please bring your sunglasses or a hat if you have light sensitivities. These may be most useful if you visit the open-air car. Where possible, lighting will be dimmed or covered in the ceiling with fabric during the event.
  • Taste: Because of the variety of dietary concerns, Colebrookdale Railroad is not serving a meal on these trains; however, a special exception has been made and you are encouraged to bring your own snacks. Please note an a la carte menu will be available.