Railbikes Secret Valley Explorers


Bring your friends for a leisurely, pedal-powered adventure deep into the tall forests of the Secret Valley, crossing bridges, chasing creeks, and taking in all of the wonders. Keep an eye out for wildlife, including deer, fox, heron, and bald eagles! 

Rail bikes are people-powered rail vehicles. The low coefficient of friction of our 150-year old steel rails makes the bikes easy to pedal, welcoming persons of all ages. In the next generation of rail bikes, their hand-crank, motor-assist bike will be perfect for persons with disabilities.

Rail bikes are fun and easy to pedal by people of all ages. Most bikes seat up to four people, so bring family and friends for a memorable adventure.

Please note: Rail bikes are not for use by persons over 250 lbs. in weight or by persons under 4'6" in height. For your safety and the safety of the other rides, you will not be permitted to ride the rail bikes if you exceed the weight limit or are not the minimum height.