Puppet Show for Grown ups: "Till We Have Faces", Mangled Myths


Till We Have Faces, A Myth Retold by C.S. Lewis is the story of Eros and Psyche, told from the point of view of her sister. Based on the version of the myth recounted in the classical comic novel The Golden Ass by Apuleius, it was C. S. Lewis's last novel, and he felt it was his best. It's said that he wrote it in collaboration with his wife, the American poet Joy Davidson.

NEW: Dream Theater–Mangled Myths will perform YOUR dream! An audience participation event. Submit your dream to Improvised puppet shows for grownups on Saturday nights at 8:00 p.m. Come and enjoy our uniquely raucous and ribald comedy, featuring puppets and live music, and inspired by favorite myths and tales from around the world. Audience-participation is encouraged! Admission is the roll of the die plus $3. Refreshments will be served.