Open Mic Night


Open Mic Night at Seven Sirens Brewing | Every Wednesday, 7-10 p.m.
Hosted by The Wonton Soups
All acts welcome! Honk your tuba, spit some bars, or show everyone your ventriloquist act. Equipment provided: house guitar, 2 vocal mics, light percussion, keyboard, tablet for lyrics or notes.

Sign up on the board when you arrive to Seven Sirens. If you have an act larger than 2 performers, please message your hosts, The Wonton Soups, ahead of time and they'll make sure they can accommodate your needs.

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About The Wonton Soups:
The Wonton Soups are a quirky and lovable horn band from Bethlehem, PA. With experience spanning musical theater, jazz, Drum Corps and self taught musicians, The Soups have a unique sound influenced by pop punk, ska, jazz, swing and big band. Catch a live show around the Lehigh Valley or check out their original music on your favorite music streaming service!