Oilcloth Stories


Carol Dean Henn’s Oilcloth Stories – part fiction, part memoir – tells the tales of the men, women, and children who came to America from Central Europe and settled in South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Unlike the wealthy captains of industry whose names were well known in Bethlehem, New York, Washington, and far beyond, these immigrants were men and women whose lives never warranted a news story, an autograph, or an award; they were people whose names were unknown beyond their families, churches, and neighborhoods. They were men and women who lived and died in relative obscurity. But in many of their lives there were astonishing stories of triumph and pathos, devotion and brutality, tragedy and exultation. Their stories should be told, must be told.

Henn will explore some of these lives with audience members and will be available to sign copies of her book.

The program is free in celebration of the opening of the Destination: Northampton County exhibition.