Music by Stoney Run Group


Formed in July 2015 by Bob Van Duren and Colin Wolf, Stoney Run Group is one of the most exciting and original bands to emerge from the Eastern PA music scene in some time. As they currently enter their third year as a performing and creative entity, they have established themselves as a creative, dynamic, and energetic act, making performances on the Phil Stahl Radio and TV show, and graduating to the Kutztown Folk Festival.

In 2017, they joined forces with Reading bass legend Bennie Simms to produce their eponymous debut record, which recived critical aclaim from Lehigh Valley Underground.

Currently working on their 2nd record, Stoney Run Group has played extensively all over the southeastern corner of Pennslyvania, and are continuing to expand into new areas.

The band has been experimenting with different musical approaches and continues to bring an exciting, high-energy, organic performance to their audiences.