María Martínez-Cañas


María Martínez-Cañas is a photographer who works beyond the limits of the camera. Conceptually driven, she subjects images to dissection, collage, digital manipulation, erasure, and recombination, resulting in a range of forms that includes: photomontage, camera-less photograms, sculptural installation, and archival research. Each series reveals a different facet of her worldview. Leaving Cuba as an infant, raised in Puerto Rico, and educated in Philadelphia and Chicago, Martínez-Cañas’ life was infused--via family memory and imagination--with a distinctly Cuban culture dislocated from the island itself. Photography, for her, participates in a similar sense of displacement, fragmentation, and mapping. “I describe myself as a photo-based artist.  I work with the medium of photography, but I always challenge the notion of what I want photography to be.”